Voice Engagement (Inbound & Outbound)

Deliver the Right Experience for Every Customer

When your customers can’t resolve their problems through self-service, they will call you. Use these calls to build loyalty. Anticipate each customer’s needs based on context. Reduce effort for your customers and your team. Automatically match each caller with the best available expert.

Replace Outdated Engagement Models

Let go of outdated technology and integrate voice into your digital channels strategy. Stop struggling with complexity, inefficiencies, high costs and lack of agility. Change the game by virtualizing your contact center, enabling agent-to-agent collaboration and preparing for omnichannel engagement.

Differentiate Your Customer Experience

Recognize your customer and provide personalized interactions with context. Automatically route calls to the best available expert to consistently deliver great customer experience.

Execute Outbound Programs

Schedule automated and expert outreach. Escalate across channels as needed. Meet compliance requirements associated with programs for payment and collections.

Efficiently Manage Customer Interactions

Blend inbound calls with outbound IVR and automated predictive dialer calls to reduce expert effort and increase actual talk-time with customers.