On Cloud

Cloud computing is an internet-based computing model that provides low effort access to shared resources. This model of computing delivers increased agility, security, scalability & reliability and improves business performance while reducing concerns and costs of an on-premises setup.
C Square has introduced Pakistan’s first and only multi-channel cloud-based contact center.

Deliver the Best Customer Experiences on Cloud

We at C Square bring to our customers world-class Genesys Contact Center on the Cloud hosted by the reliable Rapid Compute (a division of Cybernet). In addition to technology delivery, we provide day-to-day expertise and best-practice consulting in order to free your valuable time to focus on your customers. Whether the complete cloud solution, or a hybrid is chosen, moving to the cloud can drive significant cost savings, reduced total cost of ownership, and improved seamless customer experiences.

Deliver Exceptional Customer Engagement on Cloud

Clients can use the Cloud for inbound call handling, outbound telesales/collections, intelligent routing options, automated surveys, reputation management on social media, and maintaining complete records and audits of customer conversations across the organization using centralized recording service