A New Way To Connect With Your Customer

Offloading traffic to branch kiosk will be able to achieve higher customer satisfaction in greater volumes, thus eventually improving customer loyalty and retention, and long-term revenue boosts.

A key feature of the Video Contact is that it allows remote access to the agent, whereby the agent can take over the activities of the customer on the kiosk and perform all his/her tasks. With certain modifications in the kiosk, remote access capability increases the organization’s reach to those customers who may be disabled or uneducated with regards sophisticated technology.

The deployment of CSQUARE’s Video Contact is simple and quick, leveraging the existing infrastructure of the contact center. This permits the company to introduce this technology without disrupting the existing setup of the contact center, and with minimal agent training, and low cost of ownership of the contact center.

Pioneering Multichannel Contribution

C Square Consulting brings to you Video Contact which will enable you to enhance your customer experiences to the next level by activating video communication channels at your contact centers.
Interactive branch kiosks in telecom or banking organizations can improve customer experience by offloading branch traffic to the branch kiosks.

Branch kiosks or Video ATMs in banks will allow customers to give feedback, make transactions, enter e-form requests, lodge and track complaints, and use all IVR options, in addition to engaging visually
with a contact center agent for further assistance.