IntellekT Banking Kiosk
The IntellekT Banking Kiosk aims to facilitate banks to rapidly expand their customer base,
through convenience in the opening of mobile wallets (MW) and bank accounts, and the
enablement of transnational services for these relationships at remote non-branch locations.
This essentially allows both large and small banks to effectively increase their country-wide
presence and increase their customer base.

1. Wallet / Account Opening, with NADRA Verification
2. Instant Card Issuance for Wallet / Account
3. Cash Deposit via Biometric Validation
4. Video Teller / Assistance
5. Complaint Logging and Update
6. Centralized Remote Management, Monitoring and Reporting
IBK also allows the possibility to integrate and enable other additional services for mobile
wallets and/or bank accounts, if required.


IntellekT Feedback Kiosk
The IntellekT Feedback Kiosk enables and encourages customers to share their opinion about
products and/or services, which institutions/businesses could then utilize to effectively
address the issues being faced by their customers, and enable improvements. This candid
consumer feedback keeps customers engaged and restores confidence in customers to
generate new experiences in the future.

1. Customer Feedback Recording, with off-line recording & auto-synchronization
2. Customer Snapshot Recording, with Feedback (to track dummy inputs)
3. Register for Call-back Request
4. Centralized Remote Management, Monitoring and Reporting
5. Branch/Store/Product/Service Performance Analysis


IntellekT Travel Kiosk
The IntellekT Travel Kiosk lets customers use a self-service interface to purchase tickets, complete
their check-in, with baggage loading, and perform seat selection and meal preferences, while allowing
for making payments using either cash/card payments. The kiosk also provides the facility for
customers’ to engage a ‘remote’ live agent using a video interface.

1. Single/Multiple Ticket Issuance, with NADRA Validation
2. Single/Multiple Boarding Pass Issuance (with Weight Machine Integration)
3. Cash Deposit / Card Payment for Ticket Purchase / Baggage / Others
4. Video Teller / Assistance
5. Complaint Lodging
6. Centralized Remote Management, Monitoring and Reporting



IntellekT Mall Kiosk
The IntellekT Mall Kiosk is a self-service platform designed to be used by consumers in malls
/ department stores / large retailers to perform category-wise search on available stores /
departments / items, and showing/providing a directional path to the desired store / item
location, from their current position.

1. Store/Department/Item Directory Management
2. Store/Department/Item Locator (with directions from current position)
3. Store Offers and Advertisements (for idle loop)
4. Centralized Remote Management, Monitoring and Reporting