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Our Products

The IntellekT Banking Kiosk aims to facilitate banks to rapidly expand their customer base, through convenience in the opening of mobile wallets Learn More
RUBA is the World’s first Urdu speech enabled voice recognition chat bot. It is a smart and friendly AI product with the ability to converse and connect with a customer in Urdu.Learn More


TranSecure, a branch callback service, provides a streamlined solution for financial institutions to record all the interactions occurring within the institution.​Learn More

Video ATM

Offloading traffic to branch kiosk will be able to achieve higher customer satisfaction in greater volumes, thus eventually improving.Learn More

Avantage CRM

Our in-house development, AvantageCRM, augments the open-source Sugar CRM. This improvement makes our product highly stable as well as easily modifiable as per customer needs. AvantageCRM is your smart assistant in all your customer relationship management matters.Learn More